A Little Service Goes A Long Way

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You rely on your car to get you to work, pick up the kids from school and take you to the grocery store. You take the time to run it through a car wash and vacuum out the interior, but now it is time to care of the car’s other inside. You made a significant investment when you bought your car and having it serviced regularly will help to protect that investment. Car servicing in Chatswood will help keep your car in good running condition. Here are some things that should be serviced regularly on your car. Engine Tune-Up Your car has some basic parts that need to be changed regularly to keep your car running well. During an engine tune up a mechanic will check and replace worn out spark plugs, the distributor caps and air filter. All of these parts are essential to starting your engine and keeping it running smoothly. If one of the spark plugs fails, you will not be able to start your car at all. Replacing the air filter keeps the right mixture of air arriving at the engine. If your air filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris, your car's motor will work harder and hotter shortening the life expectancy of the engine. Brakes and Brake Pads You rely on your brakes to stop your car at traffic lights, and when the car in front of you comes to a sudden stop. Your brakes help protect you and your family while you are driving your car. Typically, your brakes will make a squeaky noise or some other grinding sound as the brake pads begin to wear. You will want to have your brakes and brake pads serviced at the first sign of wear and tear. If you do not change your brake pads immediately, you could cause additional damage to the braking system that can significantly raise your repair bill. Filters Your car has several filters that you should be changing frequently. The two most common filters are the air filter and oil filter. These filters catch dirt and debris to keep it from moving into the engine. Once these filters get clogged, your engine will begin to work harder. When you have your oil filter changed, the mechanic will put fresh oil into your engine as well. Your engine needs oil to lubricate it and keep it running properly. In fact, a lack of oil in your engine can destroy it causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Keeping your filters changed is an inexpensive investment that you can make in the life of your car. For more information, contact Chatswood Brake & Clutch.