Moving Tips in Newcastle, Australia

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Moving is never an enjoyable process, no matter where you live, so it can be just as stressful in Newcastle, Australia as it can be anywhere else. It is time consuming and often expensive, requiring at least a day’s work to do it yourself or a day’s pay to have someone do it for you - and depending on how much you have to move, even more of each. However, there are a few basic tips that can save you both money and time on your move and the best ones are listed below. Pack all the Small Items into Boxes First By packing all of the small items into boxes in an orderly fashion, you will turn all the small pieces that will have to be moved from your old home to your new home into bigger pieces. Keep an exact inventory of what is included in each box and don’t be afraid to label the box either, so you can know exactly what is inside and which rooms they should be left in when the actual moving day occurs. Obviously, you will only want to pack items in each box that go into the same room. Find Friends with Trucks Rather than hire moving trucks in Newcastle, find a couple of friends who own pick-up trucks or larger trucks and see if you can borrow them and their truck, or just their truck, for a couple of hours on moving day. They won’t have to lift anything or even drive if they don’t want to - you simply need their wheels and their cargo space. This will save you hundreds of dollars on a company or on a truck rental as you move from point A to point B and all you will have to do in return most likely is buy some beer and/or dinner for your friends and their generous loan of their vehicle and time. Build Your Bed First The first thing that should be done when you move into the new place is that you should build your bed. This way you can unpack at your own place, be it all day or just a few hours and still have somewhere to comfortably sleep in your own new home. It’s probably ideal to try and unpack as quickly as possible, but everyone goes at their own place when it comes to doing this. However, when you’re having to sleep on the floor or a couch while trying to fully move in, it doesn’t help matters much. For more information, call on Volvo Trucks.