Choosing The Safest Vehicle For Executive Transportation

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The 2015 remake of the original Mad Max movie will revitalise Australia's love affair with the armoured car. The original three movies depicted steel-plated cars and trucks racing through the Australian outback in a post-apocalyptic era. While those were a fantasy, real life armoured cars have been gaining popularity here ever since. When you need to provide safe corporate transportation for important visiting executives, you need look no further than the cars used by world leaders. Consider the main attributes of these three cars so you can decide which features are needed most for your important guest.

Prime Minister Of Australia

At the start of 2015, the Prime Minister of Australia upgraded from his existing armoured car to a half-million dollar vehicle. Attributes of this new state-of-the art ride includes:

While this may seem quite the impressive list of attributes, how does it measure up to the cars of other world leaders?

President Of The United States

No matter where in the world the President of the United Stages is travelling to, his custom-built armoured car goes too. In service since 2009, this vehicle is also known as "The Beast". Some of the security features that provide protection to the American leader include:

Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom

The ministerial car for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has a number of similar protection features as those in the vehicles for the Australian and American leaders. The current vehicle was bought into use in 2010.

It has a V-8 engine, and this is protected by a steel underplate to prevent the undercarriage and engine from damage. The inside cabins of the vehicle are lined with Kevlar and titanium. It has the same reinforced bulletproof glass as has been installed in the Australian Prime Minister's car. A self-contained oxygen supply, fully sealed cabin and gun ports means that this vehicle goes a long way to keeping the Prime Minister safe while on the road.

While your visiting executive may not need a car that is built to a standard as high as these three, it is always prudent to know what safety and protection features are available if they are needed. Speaking to a corporate transportation specialist is the best way to determine exactly what level of security car you can hire based on your budget.

While Australia is not known for constant acts of terrorism, the country's terror alert level was raised to high in September, 2014. Based on this, it is wise to err on the side of caution when it comes to providing vehicle protection for important guests under your care. Choosing the right car will go a long way towards keeping them safe while they visit this land down under.