Cars for Caregivers: Features to Look for When Buying Your New Vehicle

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As a person who is new to the world of being a caregiver, you have quickly discovered not all cars are up to the task of transporting you and your passengers. While deciding that a new car is needed is not a difficult decision, narrowing down which car you are going to buy is a harder problem. By giving thought to the types of features that will best suit your new caregiving role, you can present your list of requirements to a car dealership salesperson. Consider these features before you step out the door ready to start your new car hunt.

Vehicle Height

The height of the vehicle is important, particularly if you are the caregiver of a person who is in a wheelchair. The safest way to move a person out of a wheelchair and into the car is to provide a seat where there is minimal difference between the height of the seat and the height of the wheelchair.

Full-size SUV's are not a good choice in this situation as their car seats are the highest from the ground out of all the vehicles available. By the same token, lowered cars will not work as the person exiting the wheelchair risks falling over as they try to lower themselves into the car seat.

A cross-over SUV is lower than a full-size SUV and has many of the other features you may like in a new car. Additionally, mini-vans also have a car seat height that will suit those who are unable to walk. While there is no comprehensive list available that shows the seat height for each vehicle on the market, a car dealership can provide this information to you once you have narrowed down your list of favourite cars.

Technology Assistance

As cars continue to benefit from technological advances, new features are added each year that will make your life as a caregiver a little easier. For example, consider these optional extras for your new car:

Armed with this list of desirable features, you should be able to find a new car at the dealership to perfectly suit your role as a caregiver as well as the needs of your passenger. Don't put up with a car that is just going to get you around town when you can buy a more comfortable car that will keep everyone inside it happy. For more information on your options, contact local car dealerships.