Important Features to Consider When Renting a Car on Holiday

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When renting a car on holiday, you want to ensure you get one that is not just roomy enough for you and your family or friends, but that also offers all the features you need to make your rental car comfortable for you. You may be worried about the quality of the stereo speakers and the plush seating, but note a few other features to discuss with a rental agency. This will ensure the car you get for a holiday will work for you and your traveling companions.

Ask about the battery power

This might seem unimportant, but keep in mind that plugging in your MP3 player, GPS system, phone recharger, and other such electrical devices can easily drain a car's battery. If you have a lot of electronics you'll want to use during your holiday while in the car, ask for one with a strong or even oversized battery so it can easily accommodate.

Get a GPS if you don't have one

If you don't have a smartphone with a GPS system or a handheld GPS that you can plug into the car's dashboard, be sure you get a car with one installed. You may be familiar with the area where you'll be on holiday but remember that many GPS systems today alert you to traffic jams, upcoming inclement weather, construction, and other such hazards that may not have been around the last time you were in the area! Having a GPS can mean a quick and safe route no matter your destination.

Choose a communication link

A rental car may have a communication link back to the reservation center where you got the car, and this can be a great choice and feature to have. This allows you to easily alert the rental center in case of an accident or if you need emergency services. This can be especially important if you're visiting an unfamiliar area and aren't sure of how to contact a tow truck or other such services after an accident or if you get stuck when off-roading.

Four-wheel drive

Never assume that a family sedan is good for unfamiliar areas; you may think that areas like a desert or the outback will always have paved roads you can traverse, but this isn't always the case. If you're taking your rental vehicle to anyplace unfamiliar, be sure you ask for four-wheel drive, traction control, and other features that will make driving safer for you.