Qualifications for Becoming a Driving Instructor in Australia

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Being a driving instructor in Australia is a good choice for anyone looking for a new career, as it's not likely that this profession will ever be phased out or become unnecessary; not only do teenagers need instruction for getting their first license, but adults may also need refresher courses after an injury, or may need to take safety classes after too many tickets and accidents. Those who have been cited for drinking and driving also usually take classes to qualify for a license once again. If you're thinking of being a driving instructor in Australia, note a few qualifications to consider first so you know if this is a good career choice.

Physical qualifications

You actually need to be physically qualified to instruct others for driving in the country; this means an eyesight certification and a medical exam for conditions like a seizure disorder, heart condition, sleep disorders, hearing loss, and the like. Having certain health conditions doesn't necessarily preclude you from becoming an instructor, but you would do well to consider the requirements for physical fitness before you decide that this career is for you, if you have any health concerns.

Character reference

You actually need character references from persons who are not relatives when looking to become a driving instructor. This might be from friends, current co-workers, a landlord and the like.

Driver's license

Of course you need a current driver's license to become a driving instructor, and will have needed to hold this license for several years before you are qualified. You can check the actual requirements for your state, including the length of time you've had a license and what overseas licenses may qualify as well.

Police clearance

You would also need a current, meaning not more than a few months old, national police clearance certificate to qualify. You can note the exact requirements for your state and also how to get such a clearance certificate from your local driver's examination office. If there is anything that would preclude you from getting such a clearance, be sure you understand that before applying as this could cause your application for a driving instructor license to be rejected.

Literacy test

A driving instructor will need to pass a literacy test; you can't teach students to read the signs on the road if you can't read them yourself! The requirements for this test can also be found at your local driver's license office, but be sure you understand this requirement and know you can pass this type of test before assuming this is a career for you.

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