6 Add-on Parts and Accessories to Make the Interior of Your Nissan More Comfortable

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If you want to make your Nissan more comfortable, you may want to add some new parts of accessories to its interior. The following ideas can work for all kinds of cars, but be aware that several of these parts are not one-size-fits all. As a result, you need to make sure you buy something designed for your make and model of vehicle.

1. Seat Covers

Seat covers dress up a drab interior, hide stains and cover holes in your upholstery. However, they can also make your vehicle more comfortable. Look for fabric or faux leather that feels nice to the touch, and consider investing in a seat cover with extra padding for the lumbar region.

2. Overhead Console

You can buy overhead consoles that a mechanic or the dealer will wire into your vehicle for you. These can contain separate vents directed toward the back seat. That makes it easier to keep everyone in the car at a comfortable temperature.

These consoles can also come with built-in DVD players. The player hides in the console when not in use, but when you need some entertainment for the travellers in the back, you can pop in a film and pull down the screen for them.

3. Centre Back Seat Console

Don't need three seats in the back of your Nissan? Then, consider adding a centre back seat console. This console sits in the centre seat, and it allows the two passengers in the back to have a centre arm rest and convenient cupholders. You can even get this console in colours that match the interior of your vehicle.

4. Rear Headrests

For taller passengers, in particular, it can be uncomfortable to ride in the back seats. To provide a bit of extra support, consider looking into headrests. Again, these parts can be retrofitted onto the back seats of your existing Nissan, and they can be moved up and down just like the headrests in the front seats.

5. Stereo

To keep yourself entertained on long drives, you may want to add an aftermarket stereo to your Nissan. Stereos don't need to be the same manufacturer, and in most cases, you can fit a variety of different stereos into your car. You may want features such as satellite radio and bluetooth capabilities.

6. Cargo Area Carpet

Finally, now that you've made the interior more comfortable for the rest of your vehicle, consider adding a bit of comfort to the cargo area. You can buy carpet's designed for Nissan X-Trails and similar styles of vehicles. If you have a pup riding in the back, a new carpet will certainly make him more comfortable.